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When using your Young Persons Railcard

Times you can save with your Young Persons Railcard

Using a young persons railcard when buying train tickets is a great way to save on the price if you are in full time education. Getting hold of a railcard is easy, simply go to a manned train station or buy one online for the current price of £28. Your young persons railcard gives you the chance to save 1/3 on the cost of your rail fares. You can also use it to make great savings on things like days out, 241 restaurant deals and discounted hotels.

If you choose to buy your young persons railcard online, why not use a young persons railcard promotional code to gain a discount on the purchase price?

Most rail fares are eligible to receive the 1/3 saving when using your young persons/student railcard. One of the best benefits of this railcard, something you will not get with other railcards, you can use it at peak travel times. You will find that a minimum ticket price will apply to save 1/3 though.

The following ticket types receive the young persons railcard discount:

  • Standard Anytime single and return
  • Standard Off-Peak single and return
  • Standard Super Off-Peak single and return
  • Standard and First Class Advance - When you pre-booked before travel
  • Most Rail Rovers
  • The Weekender
  • Some weekend First Class upgrade options

You can also use your young persons railcard on the Gatwick Express, Stansted Express, Heathrow Express and the Heathrow Connect services. These are the rail services that run between London and the London airports. This offers fantastic to those living or around London or even if you are planning to study in London.

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If you are currently using a registered Oyster card you can have it combined with a young persons railcard. This will allow you to save a third on the daily price cap on your Oyster card travel. Taking both your young persons/student railcard and Oyster card to a tube station, then just fill in the form to have the cards added together.

When commuting around London you can get discounts for off-peak day travelcards for zones 1-6 using your railcard. Again, you will need to meet a minimum price before your young persons railcard will apply the discounts.

Times you are not able to save with a Young Persons Railcard

The young persons railcard is for those who are in full time education. So long as you are at school, college or university for a minimum of 15 hours per week, for at least 20 weeks in a year you will qualify for a young persons railcard. You will also have to be between the ages of 16 and 25. If you are over these ages and in full time education you will still be able to get a young persons railcard. Rather than being able to buy it online you will have to buy from a manned train station. After having your forms signed by your college or university, take them to a manned station where you can pick up your railcard. Sadly getting your young persons railcard from a station rather than online means you won't benefit the further purchase discount a 16-25 railcard promotional code offers you.

Peak time travel is classed a journey were you reach your destination before 10am; usually a railcard cannot be used for these journeys. But a young persons railcard is different, you can use it to save on peak time travel. There is however a few restrictions, firstly you find a minimum spend before the discount will be applied. Secondly the minimum ticket price varies with different tickets. It is usually a ticket price of £12 before discount is applied. If your usually travel cost is around or less than this it is worth checking if you will be able to save with a young persons railcard on your frequent journeys.

Unfortunately you cannot use a young persons railcard to save on the following ticket types:

  • Season Tickets with includes Travelcard Season tickets
  • Eurostar tickets
  • Most First Class fares - you can use your student railcard for first class advance with some train operators
  • Specific rail company promotional offers
  • And a few more specific tickets, please check out the 16-25 railcard website for further information

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