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Buy your Senior Railcard using your collected Tesco Clubcard Points

A fantastic offer available to you, one which you might not be aware of is that you can use your collected Tesco Clubcard points in exchange for a senior railcard. Not only this, but by getting your senior railcard this way you will be saving the equivalent of 50% to the usual purchase price. Using your clubcard vouchers you can make full payment of your senior railcard for only £14 worth of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers. This is the same as saving 50% on the usual purchase price of £28 for a senior railcard.

Doubling the face value of your Clubcard Vouchers means you can get your senior railcard using your Tesco clubcard points. If you would like to use your clubcard points to get a senior railcard, you just need to visit the Tesco website, which will then allow you to exchange your vouchers for a token which you can then use for payment of your senior railcard.

Half Price Senior Railcard from Tesco:

Tesco Clubcard

If you would like to redeem your Tesco Clubcard vouchers into a token as payment for a senior railcard, then please be sure that you meet the eligibility conditions for owning a senior railcard. These conditions are quite simple; to own a senior railcard you need to be over the age of 60. You will also need a valid driving licence or passport for the application process.

The first step in getting hold of your senior railcard is to visit the Tesco website and exchange your collected Clubcard vouchers into a token. You can then use this token as payment for your senior railcard. Please note you are not able to take your clubcard vouchers to a manned station to use as payment. You must first exchange them into a token for your senior railcard. From the date of issue of your token you have 6 months to take it along to your nearest manned station to redeem for a senior railcard. Please read the full terms and conditions at the Tesco website before buying your senior railcard.

Half Price Senior Railcard from Tesco:

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