Young Persons Railcard

The New Young Persons Railcard

Are you trying to find a Young Persons Railcard?

The young persons railcard has changed.

If you are trying to find information about the young persons railcard and finding it difficult, this is because the rail card for those young people in full time education has been renamed.

Young persons railcard or even Student Railcard are both common names used when describing what is actually called the 16-25 railcard. Whichever name you use, you may remember that this railcard saves you money on the purchase of train tickets and offers discounts on days and eating out.

The great news is the amazing rail fare reductions and benefits of a railcard are still available with the 16-25 railcard.

With average yearly savings of over £100, the savings with a young persons/student railcard on your rail fares make a big difference. If you use a 16-25 railcard, you can save 1/3 on the price when buying your train tickets. A great saving! But the great saving doesn't stop there. With a young persons railcard you can receive offers and discounts for fun days out and restaurant visits.

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Using a young persons railcard is a fantastic way to save money on expensive train tickets. If you would like to get your hands on a student railcard, you need to be in full time education and between the ages of 16 and 25. If you are over 25 in full time education you can still qualify for a young persons railcard. Just have your college or university office stamp your application form.

Use your young persons railcard for weekday journeys, which includes at peak times*, and even use it at weekends and on public holidays. Whether you are travelling short or long journeys the savings apply. (* a minimum ticket price applies)

You can choose to have your young persons/student railcard for 1 or 3 years. A 3 year railcard is the cheaper option if you are at university and are likely to use it throughout your studies. You should also consider using a young persons Railcard Promotional Code online when buying your railcard.

You might be happy enough with the 1/3 savings to your rail fares, but did you know your young persons railcard enables you to receive amazing discounts and deals from their partner companies? Companies such as cd-wow and sta travel are just a few of the companies offering savings and buy one get one free offers.

You may know it as a young persons railcard or student railcard, but the railcard that offers young people in full time education rail fare savings is the 16-25 railcard.

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