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HM Forces Railcard

What is a HM Forces Railcard?

Did you know as a member of the HM Forces you are eligible to save a massive 1/3 on your rail travel?

All you need is a HM Forces Railcard!

The railcard is available to you at a cost of just £15 for an entire years worth of savings! The savings you receive with your HM Forces Railcard could pay for itself in just one trip alone. Let's face it, rails fares are only getting more and more expensive. Even if your regular journeys are short, the savings mount up quickly.

The HM Forces Railcard is not only available to you as a member of the HM Forces, but also open to wives and husbands of all personnel. Not forgetting the rest of the family though, with a HM Forces Railcard you can travel with up to 4 kids and save 60% on a standard child fare.

A HM Forces Railcard offers you fantastic value for money when travelling by train, saving you 1/3 on the price of most rail tickets. Whether you are travelling first or standard class, or needing an off-peak travelcard, use your HM Forces Railcard to make huge savings.

Please check the HM Forces Railcard website to check you are eligible to receive the great savings with a railcard.

Being in the HM Forces requires a great deal of travelling. Whether you are popping home to see family, or on an off-duty day out, why not save 1/3 on your rail fare. Simply pick up an application form from your Unit Personnel/Administration Office.

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